One Hour Merzouga Dunes Quad Bike

1 Hour Merzouga Dunes Quad Bike

1 Hour Merzouga Desert Quad Tour


Our exhilarating 1-hour Merzouga Dunes Quad Biking trip takes you on an exciting ride across the beautiful dunes of the Sahara. Moreover, you’ll ride quad bikes across the ever-shifting dunes with professional guides, experiencing the adrenaline of rushing through this stunning terrain. Additionally, as you weave over the towering dunes of Erg Chebbi, the journey provides the right blend of adrenaline-pumping thrill and awe-inspiring natural beauty. Furthermore, this brief but powerful excursion immerses you in the center of the desert, capturing the sense of the Sahara’s grandeur. Importantly, our quad bike trip guarantees a memorable contact with the wonder of Merzouga, delivering a taste of the Sahara’s beauty in only one hour, whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a first-time rider.



Your one-hour Merzouga Dunes Quad Biking adventure begins with a warm welcome at our office, where you’ll receive a brief orientation and safety instructions from our experienced guides. Additionally, after an introduction to your quad bike, we’ll guide you to a specially designated piste.

This initial part of the journey serves as an essential warm-up, allowing you to adapt to the controls of your quad bike and get comfortable with its handling. Furthermore, as your confidence grows, we’ll progress to the grandeur of the big dunes, where the real magic happens. Challenge yourself as you tackle larger sand formations, each rise offering panoramic views of the vast desert surroundings. Moreover, the experience is tailored to your skills, ensuring both novice and experienced riders have an unforgettable and personalized adventure in the stunning dunes of Merzouga.

What's Included

What's Excluded

What to bring:

Deposit & Payment :

To secure your booking on the 1-hour Merzouga dunes quad biking tour, you can make a deposit through PayPal or bank transfer. Furthermore, the remaining balance can then be paid in cash upon arrival. Additionally, we are able to tailor the tour to your specific preferences and budget, ensuring that you have the best possible experience.

Cancellation Policy :

You can easily cancel your 1-hour Merzouga dunes quad biking tour reservation without any cost by emailing us two days before the tour. Additionally, we will promptly provide a full refund. Moreover, if you wish to change the tour date, we are more than happy to assist you with that process.

1 Hour Merzouga Dunes Quad Advisor & FAQs


Our quad bikes are automatic. Additionally, our tours cater to all levels of experience. Your guide will take you through quad operation step-by-step to ensure your safety and enjoyment while on tour. Moreover, all tours start with a safety briefing, and time to familiarize yourself with the quad on our practice track

All Sahara ATVs tours are guided by professional, knowledgeable guides. There is always a front guide, leading the tour group, and a back guide. If the tour group is large enough. Our guides are equipped with radios for communication.

Whether one hour of quad biking in the Merzouga dunes is sufficient for you depends on your preferences and expectations. In that time, you can experience riding through the Erg chebbi desert landscape, but if you’re seeking a more extensive exploration or want to take your time enjoying the scenery, you may prefer a longer excursion. Consider your interests and how much time you’d like to spend riding before making your decision.


Usually you can extend the duration of the quad biking tour if you wish to ride longer. However, this is subject to availability and may require prior arrangements with the tour operator. It’s advisable to inquire about extension options when booking your tour or speak with your guide on-site to see if it’s possible to extend your ride. Additional fees may apply for extending the duration of the tour.

Merzouga Dunes Quad
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One Hour Merzouga Desert Quad Tour Feedbacks

Veronica Reyna
Excellent Merzouga Quad Biking Excursion
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Best 1 hour merzouga dunes quad bikeing excursion in Merzouga desert! It is a definite must-do if you are in the area! Easy trails (with minor difficulty) and suitable for families with children and teens. I had a great time and will definitely return if given the opportunity! I went on the tour as a solo traveler.
Mona Pal
Keine Ahnung, wen ihr buchen sollt? Nehmt diesen Anbieter 😉
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With so many providers to choose from, it's not easy to find the "right" one. However, we can definitely recommend Sahara ATV Quad adventures. We opted for a 1 hour Merzouga dunes Quad Tour (seems they're always private here) and ride through Erg chebbi desert! It was truly a highlight of our trip in Morocco. We felt very safe and were warmly welcomed! We would book here again without hesitation.
Christina E
Amazing experience!
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We did one hour Merzouga dunes quad tour and had a lot of fun. We were totally flexible with timing and anything, were able to do the tour privately only the two of us. Our guide made us feel very safe. Would totally recommend, it was a very special experience (and I think one hour is not enough for someone who love riding the dunes).
Rebekah S
Highlight of the Sahara desert
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Merzouga dunes Quad biking is a necessity when you are in the Sahara. This place is amazing, staff is excellent with tourists, takes good care of the people using quads and stops any time there is an issue. Takes amazing photos and is very patient. The quad experience was for 1 hour but we seem to have lost track of time, which was great!! You will never have a better quad bike experience!! highly recommended!
Professionalism and great kindness.
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Sahara ATV Quad Adventures are extremely reliable and professional, as well as very kind. Their vehicles are perfectly maintained, and the quad tour they offer is loads of fun! we had best time during 1 hour Merzouga dunes quad. we will be back next time.
Maria Galindo
Quad adventure was spectacular
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Our party of 6 people enjoyed this Merzouga quad biking adventure. Thanks to Mohammed, our quad adventure was spectacular. We stopped in different places for amazing pictures, and visited the nomads in the black desert. I highly recommend this 2 hours Merzouga dunes quad biking tour in Merzouga desert!
Clinton A
Amazing 2 hours in the sahara desert
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We went to sahara desert with our guide Said and he took us dunring 2 hours Merzouga dunes quad bike. Highly recommended exceptional time. Helpful people and guide as well
Best thing to do in Merzouga-Area!
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We had a wonderful time during 1 hour merzouga dunes quad tour with Mustapha. He is a very nice guy and the trip was amazing. They take you really far into the dessert, and you’ll have a private guide. The quads were perfect quality and they take the time to explain everything. Suitable for beginners and more advanced drivers. Beter than camel-rides! Please take the 2 hour tour or more; 1 hour wont be enough!:)
Natasha C
Merzouga Quads and buggie tour
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Great experience with Sahara ATV Quad adventures company. Really enjoyed 1 hour Merzouga dunes quad, all the family and kids. Wounderful service. Will definetely recommand.
A MUST in Sahara!
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One of the best decisions we took in Sahara and it was well worth it. Very well explained and experienced when it comes to Merzouga dunes quad bikes, which made us feel very safe. Definitely a one of a kind ride, that will leave you mesmerized!