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Are you looking for a Sahara desert tour, excursion and activity? Contact the Sahara ATV Quad Adventures team for any questions, advice, suggestions and assistance…
We established this unique company not for the routine tours, but, to travel through a different window and to show the real and unique attractions, sharing the local and rich culture with our guests. 
Unfortunately, we have many negative competitors who are using similar company names in the area and replicating our tour details and pictures to confuse our guests, which causes many accidents for some of their visitors, so, we are advising you to book your tour and activity with the right company and safe hands.
We are really proud to be one of the excellent ambassadors who represent the Moroccan image in general and the Merzouga desert in particular.




Wherever you are, you can easily get active and discover new and exciting thrills across the country. All types of individuals can enjoy spectacular activities, and our crew is constantly looking for the newest and most thrilling expeditions. Our customers love our experience and the service we offer.
You can always send a quick message or give your local expert a call if you run into trouble while on your excursion or just need some excellent local advice.
sahara atv quad adventures
Our quads, buggies and motorcycle tours and activities are designed to be enjoyable for people of all ages and abilities, making them ideal for a wide variety of occasions and gatherings, including family events, Christmas and birthday celebrations, and even just a group of friends getting together to have a fun day out.