Sahara desert Tours & Adventure

Sahara Desert tours with Sahara ATV Quad Adventures offer an incredible journey across Erg Chebbi’s vast sand dunes and the rugged desert landscape. Quad riding provides a unique perspective of Merzouga’s expansive panoramas, while dune buggies offer a faster-paced adventure. Additionally, moto enduro presents an exhilarating option for tackling challenging terrain on two wheels, ideal for those seeking a more intense off-road experience. Tailored for riders of all skill levels, these activities ensure an exciting adventure for both beginners and seasoned riders alike. Choose Sahara ATV Quad Adventures for an unforgettable desert exploration.


Experience the excitement of quad biking in Merzouga desert, where you'll ride through stunning dunes. Enjoy a breathtaking adventure amidst the vast and awe-inspiring landscape; this activity will etch unforgettable memories of excitement and wonder into your journey.
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While quad riding and dune buggy rides offer excitement, safety is our top priority. It’s essential to use the appropriate safety gear, including helmets, goggles, and gloves. Adhere to the instructions provided by expert guides and remain on approved tracks to mitigate potential dangers.


typically, a driver’s license isn’t required to ride a quad bike or buggy. Our quad bikes and buggies are automatic, making them easy to drive for all skill levels. These vehicles are often classified as recreational, with regulations varying by location. In many areas, you only need to meet a minimum age requirement to legally operate one.

Sahara Desert quad riding and dune buggy tours don’t require any prior experience. The Sahara ATV Quad Adventures team offers a briefing before the trip to acquaint participants with riding quad bikes or buggies properly.

Sahara ATV Quad Adventures provides a variety of fun experiences tailored to different interests and lengths. These excursions can range from short one-hour rides for those wanting a quick adrenaline rush to multi-day expeditions for those looking for a really immersive experience in the Sahara Desert.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that provides protection against the sun and abrasive desert terrain. Additionally, long pants, closed-toe shoes, and long-sleeved shirts are advisable, along with sunscreen and sunglasses.

The typical age limit for desert quad biking is 16 years old, while it is 18 years old for dune buggy. However, younger individuals may ride as passengers with adults, primarily due to safety concerns and the physical demands involved in operating a quad bike. Additionally, there might be weight restrictions based on the quad bikes’ capacity and safety considerations.


a valid motorcycle license is typically required to participate in enduro tours in Morocco.


Essential gear includes a helmet, gloves, boots, body armor, and appropriate clothing to protect against the harsh desert environment.

Desert moto enduro can be very physically demanding, requiring good stamina, strength, and skill to navigate challenging terrain.

Preparation includes physical conditioning, familiarizing yourself with your bike, understanding basic repair skills, and ensuring you have all necessary documentation and insurance.