2 Hours Sahara Quad Biking Tour

Two-hour Desert Quad Biking

2 Hours Sahara Quad Biking Trip


Embark on an exhilarating 2 hours Sahara quad biking excursion through the stunning sand dunes of Merzouga. Following a quick training session, expertly guided, traverse the oases of Erg Chebbi, and the breathtaking dunes surrounding Merzouga. Moreover, take the opportunity to visit a nomadic family along the way, gaining insights into their way of life by sharing tea with them.

Take pleasure in a thrilling quad biking journey through the Merzouga desert; starting with a brief training, you’ll be accompanied by a professional guide. Discover the oases of Erg Chebbi and the alluring dunes of Merzouga. Furthermore, immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting a nomadic family, and enjoy a cup of tea with them while learning about their lifestyle.


Schedule of a 2 Hours Sahara Quad Biking Tour:

Experience the thrill of a 2 hours Sahara quad biking adventure with a knowledgeable guide by your side. Your guide will guarantee your safety and well-being while teaching you how to maneuver through the sand dunes and tackle off-road terrain.

Join us on an exhilarating journey through the Sahara on a 2 hours Sahara quad biking tour. As you scale heights of roughly 200 meters, take in the breathtaking vistas and experience thrilling trail riding. Explore the black desert, learn about nomadic culture, and get an adrenaline rush on the sand dunes. Our fan-favorite “Erg Chabbi dunes” are sure to be a highlight of the tour.

As you navigate through the desert, the thrill of riding on a quad bike will keep you on the edge of your seat. Additionally, take in the stunning views of the desert landscape and learn about the nomadic culture that calls it home. Moreover, the tour guides will make sure to take you to the best spots, including the “Erg Chabbi dunes,” which are a must-see for any adventurer

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime as you race through the desert on a quad bike. Along the way, you’ll witness the natural beauty of the Sahara and learn about the unique culture of the nomads. Additionally, the tour includes a stop at the “Erg Chabbi dunes,” which are a favorite among visitors. So, gear up and join us for an unforgettable experience in the desert.

What's Included

What's Excluded:

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Deposit & Payment :

To secure your booking on the your 2 hours Sahara quad biking tour, you can make a deposit through PayPal or bank transfer. Furthermore, the remaining balance can then be paid in cash upon arrival. Additionally, we are able to tailor the tour to your specific preferences and budget, ensuring that you have the best possible experience.

Cancellation Policy :

You can easily cancel your 2-hour Sahara quad biking tour reservation without any cost by emailing us at least two days before the tour. Additionally, we will promptly provide you with a full refund. Furthermore, if you wish to change the tour date, we are more than happy to assist you with that process.

2 Hours Desert ATV Quad Advisor & FAQs

Yes, you will be able to embark on this thrilling adventure, given that you carefully adhere to the instructions and safety guidelines outlined by the instructor. Additionally, they will conduct a brief training session to prepare you adequately for the ride and remain available for assistance throughout the experience. It’s essential to attentively heed their guidance and proceed cautiously until you gain confidence in your abilities.

Quad bike tours are typically guided; consequently, a tour guide will lead the group on the tour, offering instructions on where to go and how to safely operate the quad bikes. Moreover, the tour guide will provide information about the area and any points of interest along the way.

2 hours of quad biking in the Sahara can be a great introduction to the activity; however, the experience also depends on the participants’ level of expertise. For beginners, a 2-hour tour may be sufficient to get a taste of quad biking and the desert. Conversely, for more experienced riders or those seeking a more challenging adventure, opting for a longer tour would be more suitable.

2 hours Sahara Quad Biking
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2 hours Sahara Quad Biking
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2 hours Sahara Quad Biking
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2 Hours Desert Quad Biking Feedback

Clinton A
Clinton A
Amazing 2 Hours Sahara Quad Biking
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We went to sahara desert with our guide Said and he took us to this ATV quad bike. Highly recommended exceptional time. Helpful people and guide as well.
Best thing to do in Merzouga-Area!
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We had a wonderful time during a 2 hours Sahara quad Biking tour with Saïd. He is a very nice guy and the trip was amazing. They take you really far into the dessert, and you’ll have a private guide. The quads were perfect quality and they take the time to explain everything. Suitable for beginners and more advanced drivers. Beter than camel-rides! Please take the 2 hours tour; 1 hour won't be enough! 🙂
Sophia Törnblom
Sophia Törnblom
We felt safe the entire time and the staff is very professional
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We hade an awesome time on a 2 hours Sahara quad biking trip. We felt safe the entire time and the staff is very professional. Sahara ATV Quad Adventures highly recommended!!
The 2 hours Sahara quad biking was the highlight of our Moroccan holiday
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Riding the camels at sunset was incredible! The 2 hours Sahara quad biking the next morning was the highlight of our Moroccan holiday. I'm delighted I picked this trip for my vacation; the instructors were wonderful. I highly recommend them!
Юлианна С
Fun Merzouga quad biking tour
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Very enjoyable activity. I would absolutely recommend it as a beginner's trail (was my first time on an atv). The instructors were very friendly and explained everything thoroughly. For a wonderful desert quad bike tour in Merzouga, I certainly recommend Sahara ATV Quad Adventures!
Christy B
Best Merzouga quad tour in the Sahara!
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Sahara ATV quad adventures is the best place in Merzouga to book a quad tour of the desert. They customize the tours to the size and experience of your group. They also customize the tours according to your interests. If you just want to ride quads the entire time, they will arrange that. Or if you want to combine a quad ride with a visit to a nomadic family or other local points of interest, they can arrange that too...
WOW! Fantastic and safe guides, great equipment
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I never review companies but I wanted to review this very professional company that gave us a once in a lifetime, amazing Merzouga quad adventure. The guides were fun, friendly and most importantly, guided us through an exciting yet safe tour of the highest dunes in the desert. My heart was racing but i felt well surrounded with guides in front and in back making sure we were ok...
Mathieu Peeters
3 hours Merzouga quad driving and Sandboard surfing
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Excellent unforgettable trip. A must do. Mohamed ls the best guide. Great quads, best views. Driving quad in Erg Chebbi is really an experience.
Anais V
Magic buggy ride with Mohamed!
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Mohamed is a passionate guide, interesting, working in security and for the well being of his clients. I had searched for a buggy outing in Merzouga in the Erg Chebbi on TripAdvisor and he was the one who came out of the lot: delighted with this outing, magical to drive a buggy in the dunes of Merzouga, my favorite place in the world. Indescribable place, we feel very small.
Olaf W
Amazing Merzouga quad drive
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The ride was amazing. The guides are very helpful. After a pick up at our stay, we received a clear safety instructions. After this, the fun started. This is without doubt the highlight of our holiday. Amazing drive over the dunes, good equipment and a very helpful guide. Best Merzouga quad experience that I ever had !