2 Days Merzouga Dune Buggy Experience

2 Days UTV Off-road adventure tour


The 2 Days Merzouga Dune Buggy Experience offered a way for individuals to disconnect and relish the peace of the desert. The use of UTVs was utilized as a means to explore the surroundings, including the historic water canal system and archaic Berber communities. The journey took riders across the towering sand dunes, allowing them to behold the stunning natural beauty of the Merzouga region.


2 Days Merzouga Dune Buggy Experience Itinerary:

Day 1: Merzouga's sand dunes - The Saf Saf and Tisardmine Oasis.

Our guide will teach you how to operate a dune buggy in the sand dunes and then take you on a 2 Days Merzouga Dune Buggy Experience. With the support of a knowledgeable and certified local buggy riding team, we will explore the hidden and breathtaking views of the desert region.

The excursion commences with a scenic drive through the massive sand dune region of Erg Chabbi in Southern Morocco. You will visit and discover the breathtaking Saf Saf Oasis, Azrkam, and Tsardmine Oasis. Afterwards, retrace the steps of the famous Paris-Dakar Rally. In the evening, take a moment to relax and savor your dinner in the comfort of your riad or desert tent.

Day 2: Visit nomad family - Isolate Mountain - Erg Znigi Dunes.

Today, we will begin our journey by cruising through the tiny Erg Chebbi sand dunes, followed by a drive along one of the famous Paris-Dakar Rally trails towards the south. During the trip, we will take a break to have tea with a nomadic family and learn about their lifestyle. Then, we will keep moving across the barren desert towards the Erg Znigi dunes, where we will stop to admire the beautiful and isolated Mountains.

Next, we’ll head to Khamlia for lunch and sample the Berber Pizza. Afterward, on our return journey, we will ascend one of the tallest sand dunes to watch the sunset and marvel at the stunning views of the sand dunes.

Each individual has their own comfort level, and they will never be compelled to participate in any activity that exceeds their comfort level. The objective is to have an enjoyable and secure experience. If you are a newcomer to the tour or have children accompanying you, we are pleased to tailor the 2 Days Merzouga Dune Buggy Experience to meet your requirements.

What's Included

What's Excluded:

What to bring during 2 Days Merzouga Dune Buggy Experience:

Deposit & Payment :

To ensure the reservation of your 2 Days Merzouga Dune Buggy Experience, a down payment is needed. This initial payment can be made via PayPal or bank transfer, and the remaining amount can be settled in cash when you arrive. Our team will tailor the trip to your preferred schedule and financial plan.

Cash or credit cards:

To settle the outstanding balance for the 2 Days Merzouga Dune Buggy Experience, you can pay using Euros (€), Pounds (£), USD ($), or local Dirhams (MAD) in cash. It’s advisable to make a cash payment upon arrival at the office. If you would rather not carry a large amount of cash, credit or Mastercard is also accepted, but with a 6% surcharge.

Cancellation Policy :

You have the opportunity to annul your two-day Merzouga off-road quad biking excursion in the wilderness by informing us two days prior to the start of the tour. Simply send an email to inform them of your change of plans and they will give you a full reimbursement. If you desire to change the schedule of the trip to a later date, that can be arranged as well.

2 Days Merzouga Dune Buggy Advisor & FAQs

Yes, you can bring a camera or phone, but it is recommended to keep it secured in a safe place while riding the machine.

Yes, children can participate as a passengers, but must meet the minimum age requirement, which is typically around 5 years old.

A Desert UTV Adventure is an outdoor experience where individuals ride an all-terrain vehicle (Dune Buggy) through the sand and rocky landscape of the desert.

It depends on the individual’s specific disability. It is best to contact the adventure provider to discuss any concerns or accommodations.

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